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From wireframes to functioning website

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We start every project with a kick-off workshop. During this workshop we will talk about your strategy and determine the goals of your new website. After this meeting we will make wireframes. These are very detailed digital sketches of every page. By making wireframes first, we can focus on the functionalities without being disctracted by design. Once the wireframes are approved, we can move on to the design phase.

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Custom Web Design

We never use templates. All our designs are tailor made and unique. During the kick-off we will determine a design direction that fits your company and your target audience. Once the wireframes are approved, we usually start with the design of the homepage. You will have the opportunity to give feedback, and when you are satisfied with the result, we will continue with the rest of the pages.

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Responsive Web Development

Once the full web design is approved, our developers will translate the designs into a fully funtional website that works well on desktop and on mobile. Development is also fully custom, meaning we write our own code and don’t use templates. We use the WordPress platform to build on, ensuring you have an easy to use Content Management System. It is the most used CMS worldwide and it offers great stability and security.


What does our process look like?

For building your website we will go through 5 different phases.

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Phase 1

The Kick-off

We start every project with a kick-off meeting. During this meeting we discuss your strategy and determine the goals of your new website. We will ask a lot of questions, and possibly sketch the pages by hand. The direction in which we are going to design is also discussed. This meeting is important to gather all the information we need to start the project.

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Phase 2


Before starting with the web development, we will make wireframes. These are very detailed digital sketches of every page. By making wireframes first, we can focus on the functionalities without being distracted by design. We will determine where to place important buttons, determine which links should go where, etc. In this phase you have the opportunity to give feedback throughout. Once the wireframes have been approved, we can proceed to the design phase.

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Phase 3

Web Design

Now we are entering the exciting phase. Your wireframes will be translated in a beautiful and unique web design! In the kick-off phase we will have discussed the general direction we wanted to go in. Now it is up to us to surprise you. We always start with your homepage. Once you have approved the homepage, we will move on with the rest of the pages. Once the full web design has been approved, we can move on to the development phase. It is time to make your website come to life!

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Phase 4

Web Development

Through web development we will create a functioning website! This is the longest phase, as we only provide tailored development solutions. This means we never use templates, but we build on the WordPress platform so that you get an easy to use CMS. It is the most widely used CMS in the world, which makes its stability and security unmatched. Our development team will work hard to make the website look great on both desktop and mobile devices. We first set up the website in a test environment. In this environment you can upload the content and we have the option to detect and resolve any minor errors that might occur.

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Phase 5


Time to celebrate! Web development is done and your website is ready to go live. Your website is UX optimized, but have you already discussed online marketing opportunities? Our online marketing department would love to help you achieve your desired conversion rates. Marsmedia is a full service internet agency, so let’s discuss the possibilities!

Web development?

Questions you might have

How fast do we work?

The average turnaround time for the new website is 8 to 16 weeks. As soon as the quotation is approved, we make a schedule with interim deadlines for both parties. It is critical to turnaround time that these deadlines are adhered to by both parties.

Website speed

A fast website is the key to success. Slow websites have a lower conversion and a higher bounce rate. To guarantee optimal speed, we work closely with the market leader in WordPress hosting. It is good to know that the speed can only be guaranteed if the hosting of the website is also provided by us.

Website security

A secure website is very important nowadays. After all, you do not want personal data to be exposed. We can provide that the WordPress core is always automatically updated to the latest version, to ensure that any security holes are immediately closed. The systems on which our websites run are monitored by highly regarded agencies such as SecTheory and Sucuri. They also ensure that an external penetration test is carried out at least once a year.

The content

The content, such as the images and photos, be default should be provided by you. However, if you would like help with content creation this, we can help witch just about anything. Ask us about the possibilities!

Page speed

The speed of a website can determine its success. Every second that it takes longer than necessary ensures that someone can drop out and not convert. If you have a website or webshop created by us, we guarantee a fast website that meets the standards of the web.

Testing and solving deficiencies

Web development is different from printing a brochure. The web is constantly changing, so it can happen that something that worked yesterday suddenly stops working today. In a certain period after delivery, bugs can be reported and we fix them at no extra cost. We will consider all imperfections reported after this period as extra work.

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