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Looking for an internet agency in Amsterdam that goes beyond making a beautiful website? We are a full service creative agency, dedicated to your growth. We focus on conversion optimization and growth, and we love working for ambitious companies who are on the lookout for a solid partner in all their marketing activities.

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Very serious about achieving growth results

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Converting Web Design
A good looking website is nice, but what’s really important is that your visitors convert. At Marsmedia, we distinquish ourselves by focussing on the purpose of your website first. Our UX specialists make data driven decisions to help you spike those conversion rates. And yes, they will make it look awesome too. But that is a given.
Brand Identity Strategy
Your brand identity is at the core of your business, but is it currently making the right impression with your target audience? We will research and create a fitting strategy. Our designers are specialized in creating and/or improving your brand identity, as well as taking care of all your marketing materials. Online ánd offline.
Inbound Marketing
If we perfect your messaging and timing, and manage your follow ups well, we can make significant progress in your lead generation! We build, measure, learn and optimize. Our Online Marketing & SEO experts are Google Ads Certified, Google Analytics Quilified. Thinking about a Marketing Automation Platform? We are proud partner of Hubspot.

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From start to finish

Every website we make is 100% unique. We do not use templates and every line of code is written by our developers. A project with us is divided into phases. Each phase has their own specialist, ensuring maximum results.

The Kick-off

We start every project by inviting you for a kick-off workshop. During this workshop we will talk about your strategy and determine the goals of your new website. We will look into the basics of the sitemap and hand sketch the pages, as well as discuss the design direction. This meeting is crucial to collect all the info we need to get started on your  project.

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After the kick-off workshop, the sketches will be translated into wireframes. These are very detailed digital sketches of every page. By making wireframes first, we can focus on the functionalities without being distracted by design. We will determine where we will place important CTA’s, what content goes where, etc. We will work closely together, and work with feedback rounds until we are in agreement. Once the wireframes are approved, we can move on to the design phase.

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Web Design

Now we are entering the exciting phase. Your wireframes will be translated in a beautiful and unique design! In the kick-off  phase we will have discussed the general direction we wanted to go in. Now it is up to us to surprise you. We always start with your homepage. Once you have approved the homepage, we will move on with the rest of the pages. Once the full web design has been approved, we can move on to the develpment phase. It is time to make your website come to life!

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Web Development

Your website will become reality. This phase will take up the most time, as we do only custom coding. We never use templates, but we build on the WordPress platform, ensuring you have an easy to use CMS. It is the most used CMS worldwide, and because of it, the stability and security are unrivaled. Our development will work hard to make your website work and look great on desktop as well as mobile devices. At the end of this phase we will deliver your website on a test environment. In this environment you can upload your content, and we will have the opportunity to track down and fix minor flaws.

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Champagne! Your website is ready to go live! Your website is UX optimized, but have you already discussed online marketing opportunities? Our online marketing department would love to help you achieve your desired conversion rates. Marsmedia is a full service internet agency, so let’s discuss the possibilities!

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Things that are useful to know

Turnaround time & deadlines

As an internet agency we have been making websites for over a decade. The average turnaround time is between 10 and 12 weeks. This is an indication. In order to deliver your website within this period, it is important that everyone involved works smoothly together. This means sticking to deadlines for both sides. For example, if we expect feedback on a Monday, but we receive it on a Friday, chances are the project will be delayed. This is because we reserved time during the week to implement the feedback, and on Friday we would be short in time. Our project manager will monitor this, and update everyone whenever necessary.


We love helping you with creating your content! By default, the written content, images, animations, videos and other forms of content are provided by the client. But content creation by Marsmedia is definitely an option. However, it is useful to know that we do not fill your website with the content unless this was specifically agreed upon.


We develop custom themes where security comes first. We follow strict guidelines in using plugins to avoid leaks and have standardized processes to check security standards. We host on the premium hosting WP Engine, who work with the #1 security partner Sucuri. We offer extended custom fit security options with our Service Level Agreement.


Technical errors, bugs and other imperfections cannot always be prevented. The web is constantly in development. Plugins can get outdated and browsers are updated on a continuous basis. Sometimes this compromises the compatibility – resulting in bugs. If these are found within a maximum period of 3 weeks after delivery, we will solve them for you at no extra cost. If a bug is discovered after this period, we offer Service Level Agreements guaranteeing premium support.

Page speed

The speed of a website can determine its success. Every second that it takes longer than necessary ensures that someone can drop out and not convert. If you have a website or webshop created by us, we guarantee a fast website that meets the standards of the web.

Service Level Agreement

For many of our clients we have a Service Level Agreement. In this personalized contract  we will determine how many service hours you will have you per month, which you can use for instance to update and improve your website. Also matters like reaction time, bug fixes, premium page speed and advanced security options can be included.

A full range of services

More than an internet agency alone

We are a full service internet agency. This means we can help you with more than your website alone. We do strategy, design, development, online marketing, but also all your offline materials are in good hands when you decide to work with us.

Brand Strategy

Your brand identity is more than just your logo, fonts and colors. It consists of the whole experience your target audience has with your company, therefore it is the core of your business. What is your message? Does your brand currently entice the right emotion? We will research and form a winning strategy for messaging and brand visualization.

More about Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is a big part of getting your message across, so it needs to resonate with your target audience. You might tell your story verbally, but a very big part of it is non verbal. A striking logo, font and color palette are essential, and if your brand looks professional and up to date, it will assure your prospects and clients they are in the right place to conduct their business.

More about Brand Identity

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity is the realisation of your brand identity into your corporate materials. From business cards to stationary or an email signature. A well executed corporate identity inspires confidence in your company. You let your clients know that you have an eye for detail.

More about Corporate Identity

Content Creation

Good copywriting. Great images. So often do companies give low priority to their content because they do not realise this is the most valuable part of all their communications. Your images, as well as your brand identity, reflect a certain professionalism of your company. If your chosen images are of low quality or do not match the written content, your visitors will notice. Writing for SEO is very important for your Google ranking, and once your target audience lands on your website, you need to provide them with informing, comprehensible and inciting copy, or you will have a hard time making that conversion. Good UX and good content go hand in hand.

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Brand Guide

Make sure your in-house marketing team stays true to your brand identity. We deliver a professional brand guide containing the right fonts, colors and usage rules.

What a brand guide looks like?

Marketing Materials

No in-house marketing team? No worries! That’s what we’re here for. Event materials, brochures, posters, flyers, online marketing banners, PowerPoint templates. You name it, we make it.

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6 Reasons to choose us as your internet agency

Hiring an internet agency

100% custom design
We never use templates. All our designs are tailor made and unique. We start with creating wireframes of your website, then we translate them into a fitting design. We’re a digital agency, designing for growth.
Quality first
We have 15+ years experience as an internet agency in delivering high quality products. Our strategists and UX designers will work closely together with you to produce a stunning website with maximum impact.
15+ years of experience
All the experts and consultants who work at Marsmedia are craftsmen. They have several years of experience, and can independently guide a complete project. We work closely together to achieve the best possible results.
B2B specialist
Our UX team as well as our online marketing specialists are highly experienced in the B2B market. Our client portfolio consists of startups and large international corporates. Take a look at our cases to learn more.
Recruitment & Bullhorn specialist
A large part of our client portfolio is in the recruitment sector. Because of this we offer special solutions for recruitment companies working with Bullhorn software.
Data driven internet agency
We make data driven decisions to help you grow online. Our Online Marketing & SEO experts are Google Ads Certified, Google Analytics Quilified. Thinking about a Marketing Automation Platform? We are proud partner of Hubspot.

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