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HI, we are Marsmedia! The internet agency from Amsterdam that goes further than just making a beautiful website. We like to work for ambitious companies that are looking for a permanent partner for all online activities. Want to know more? Please contact us!


Our passion

What we as an internet agency like to do most

Web Design

For more than 15 years we have been making beautiful websites for large and small companies. From simple onepagers to complex Woocommerce solutions. We make sure that your company gets the right look and feel online and that your website does what it’s meant to do: generate leads.

Brand Identity & Branding

Our designers are specialized in creating and/or improving your brand. We provide a fresh new look that fits this time. We also take care of your marketing material, which stands out and, of course, contains the right message.

Online Marketing

A website should be more than just a nice picture. Our online marketing experts make your site a true lead generator. By means of SEO, Google Ads and conversion optimization, we ensure more turnover and (digital) growth.

Internet agency Marsmedia

What we can do for you as an internet agency

The essential

It all starts with a corporate identity. Our designers ensure that the perception of your brand is improved so that it becomes more recognisable and stays with your potential customer for longer. Adjustments in colour and design can make the difference.

The basics

This is what we’re good at. We put together a fully customized website for you in a short period of time. Completely based on your wishes and with the functionalities needed to get more out of your website. Technically, anything is possible with us.


This is how we prefer to work. We take care of everything concerning web design, development online marketing and conversion optimization. In fortnightly sprints we will work with your team to ensure that your website is taken to the next level.

Web Design: From kickoff to delivery

Every website we make is 100% unique. We do not use templates and every line of code is written by ourselves. On average we spend 80 hours working on this, divided over several phases. For each phase we have a specialist. This ensures a maximum result.

Phase 1: The kick off

Once we agree on the conditions, we always start with a kickoff meeting. In this meeting with you and your colleagues it becomes clear what the goals of the website are and what pages need to be made. Based on these insights our UX’er gets a clear picture and together we make a first sketch of the new website.

Phase 2: Wire frames

After the kick off workshop the initial sketch will be embroidered. There will be a line sketch made of what the website will look like in the end. These so-called wireframes will be presented to you when they are ready. After a round of feedback, this model goes to our graphic designer. In the next phase of the process, he transforms it into a real web design.

Phase 3: Web Design

Now the whole thing is going to come to life. By coloring in the wireframes and adding pictures to it and making the whole thing beautiful it will become clear what your website will look like. With us it’s: what you see is what you get and we don’t compromise on this. The approved web design will be converted by our developers in the next phase into code that will give you a functioning website.

Fase 4: Webdevelopment

This is where the magic happens. After the web design has been approved, our developers code the whole thing. By using the latest techniques and clean code, your website will become reality. In this period you will hear less from us but that does not mean that there is less hard work. The result is a working website that is fully accessible in a test environment.

Fase 5: Oplevering

Champagne! Your website is ready to use. All content is in it and your website is ready to enter the global web. From now on you own a website that is 100% custom made by internet agency Marsmedia. Our marketing experts will be happy to help you make your website more than just a beautiful picture.

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internet agency trivia

Useful to know

Our turnaround time

From start to finish it takes us about 10 weeks to design and develop a website. Of course this strongly depends on the wishes and the speed of feedback. The faster the feedback and the simpler the website, the faster we will be.

Website security

At all times we make sure that your website cannot be hacked as much as possible. We use the latest techniques such as SSL and continuously update the plugins and content management systems used. Also spam is something we try to prevent as much as possible, for example by using ReCaptcha.

Speed is king

The speed of a website can determine its success. Every second that it takes longer than necessary ensures that someone can drop out and not convert. If you have a website or webshop created by us, we guarantee a fast website that meets the standards of the web. Faster is of course always possible by means of dedicated hosting, for example.

Our planning

As an internet agency we have been making websites for years and now know that this takes between 10 and 12 weeks. In order to realise a website within this period, it is important that all parties work well together and stick to the deadlines. For example, if it takes longer to give feedback, there is a real chance that the project will run out of time. We will of course keep an eye on this and you will be informed of this in good time.

The content

It is useful to know that we do not provide the content of your website unless specifically requested to do so. Text, images, animations, videos and other forms of content should be provided by you. We can take care of this for you, but it depends on your wishes.


Technical errors, bugs and other imperfections cannot always be prevented. If these are found within a maximum period of 2 months after delivery, we will solve them for you at no extra cost. If a bug is discovered after this period, we advise you to have it made under the S.L.A. mentioned below.

Service Level Agreement

Our service level agreement means that you buy in hours on a monthly basis, which you can then use for one of our expertises. It gives you the opportunity to improve your website on small points, to get online marketing advice or to let us grind a banner. You are completely free to do so. Are the hours not used? Then they are moved on to next month.

What other expertise do we have?

Brand identity

Can your brand use a refresher or are you, as a start-up, looking for your own identity? Our designers will gladly help you to achieve this and take your brand to a higher level.

Huisstijl ontwerpen

A brand identity includes a house style with accompanying colours, fonts and a logo. Here, too, we are happy to help. We provide a fresh design, entirely contemporary and in line with the objectives of the company.

Digital Marketing

A b2b website is meant to generate leads and should be more than just a nice picture. Our online marketing consultants are happy to advise and help you grow your online business.

Conversion Optimization

Part of digital marketing is optimizing for conversion. The websites we make work well, but there is always room for improvement. Small changes can sometimes cause big changes in the behaviour of your visitors.

Web development

Do you want to build a website, webshop, application, widget or something else? That is also possible with us. Our web developers are familiar with languages such as PHP, AJAX and Javascript and can build almost anything for you.


It is also possible to have a webshop made. Keep in mind that the number of pages you have to create and the functionalities of the website are often more extensive. The costs of a custom-made webshop are therefore higher.

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8 reasons to choose us as your internet agency


Not every customer suits us. We choose our client carefully and are looking for a suitable partner to work with. In this way, we can improve together and take your brand, website or business plan to the next level.

Quality first

In everything we do, the quality of what we produce comes first. We ask for continuous feedback on what we make and thus achieve a good result. Only if it meets the high standards that you can expect from an internet agency will it go out the door.

All 100% custom made

We make beautiful things. What we make is always 100% unique. We never work with standard templates and everything you get from us is made with love and attention. We always ask for feedback so you get exactly what you want.

We are professionals

All the experts and consultants who work for us understand their profession. Everyone has several years of experience and can independently pick up and complete a project. We work closely together to achieve the best possible result.

B2B specialist

In recent years, we have focused mainly on small and medium-sized enterprises, which in turn focus on the B2B market. But also small startups and large international corporates are part of our client portfolio, as can be seen in our cases.

Recruitment software specialist

We offer special solutions for recruitment companies working with Bullhorn software. By using an API we make a direct connection between your website and the Bullhorn software.

Data driven

We prefer to make decisions on the basis of data. We use various tools to make the use of a website transparent. Based on this data, we come to conclusions and continuously improve your website.

Awesome Team

Every day we are here in Amsterdam with a team of +10 dedicated professionals working hard on different projects. Everyone has several years of experience in their own field and is able to complete a project independently.

internet agency Marsmedia

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