Corporate Identity Design

Your corporate identity is often a big part of the first interaction between your company and your potential client. This makes your corporate identity one of the most important aspects of your brand. A professional looking website, business card, letterhead or event booth can really make the difference. Have your corporate identity designed by Marsmedia. We will create a strong, recognisable and unique corporate identity design that will leave a lasting impression.

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Why a professional corporate identity is important

Corporate identity design is the translation of your brand identity into all your corporate materials. When your corporate identity is implemented consistently, it shows professionalism and eye for detail to your customers and prospects. This goes beyond using the correct fonts and colors. A professional organisation follows guidelines for text sizes, infographics, icons, photographic materials, placement, and more. All these elements are part of the whole. Your corporate identity reflects on what level you operate, and therefore it plays a big part in your company image.

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Show your customers and prospects you have an eye for detail

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Custom design

Before we start developing your corporate identity, we concentrate on the brand identity. Does it need a full re-design, a small update or is the current brand identity ready to be developed into company materials?

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Quality first

International brands, such as Apple, Vodafone and IKEA, have a perfect implementation of their brand identity into their company materials. Whether you are a start-up or an established company, your corporate identity could (and should) be able to compete with them!

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Stand out!

A perfectly implemented corporate identity shows professionalism and promotes the reliability of your brand. Be recognisable throughout all your marketing materials, and stand out from your competitors.


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Business Cards

If you attend events, network meetings, or when having a sales meeting, your business card is extremely important. You are not just leaving your contact details, you are leaving  an impression of you and your company. Let’s brainstorm how to pass on your details in a personal, unique and unforgettable way.

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Corporate materials

Your company’s basic materials such as stationery, but also digital letterheads and email signatures, are all part of your corporate materials. We can also help you with your presentations, by creating beautiful Powerpoint templates or sales decks. Tell us what you need today!

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Marketing materials

Are you advertising through flyers, brochures, or printed add campaigns? Or are you promoting yourself on events? We can help you with all your printed materials. Only advertising digitally? We will create and set-up your email marketing and online add campaigns.

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We can help you with the following and more

Business Cards

Your corporate identity starts with a business card. The first impression you leave with a potential customer. With a high-quality card and unique design you stand out from your competitors. A good investment, because business cards are kept for years!


There are endless possibilities but the minimum stationary package usually contains of a letterhead, branded envelope and an email signature. Stationery that matches your company image shows that you are professional and have an eye for details.


Looking for an A4, A5, EA5 or other size envelope? With or without window? We can help you choose, design and order the right envelope that instantly lets the receiver recognise your corporate identity when opening their letterbox.

Shipping boxes

The penultimate step in the customer journey is when he opens his package. Do you want this to be an experience? Have your shipping box branded to create an exclusive look and feel. This adds to the value for the receiver. Success and a smile guaranteed!


Do you have an important presentation but do you have trouble creating attractive, clear and understandable slides? Provide us with the content, and we’ll take care of the wow-factor! Our designers are experienced in helping you tell your story.

Email signature

How many emails do you send on a daily basis? Your email signature should confirm for the recipients that the sender is reliable and professional. Establish a connection with your corporate identity is also important. You can do this by adding a logo, and a link to your website.

Online Banner

Reach your target audience online with a display campaign. The banners should match your corporate identity and attract attention. Also the message and connected landing page must be in line with each other. As this is an important sales tool it must not be overlooked!

Event stands

If your company promotes on events, your stand should catch the eye and look the part. We can help you with all aspects of a full stand design, even the communication with the venue design department, as different parts of the world have different standards for delivering artwork.


Make your corporate identity stick, literally! Stickers are fun, cheap and great to hand out on events or to add to your goody bags. Simple but effective. Completely in line with your brand identity to provide effective results.


If you are thinking of advertising through billboards or abri’s, these must be in line with your corporate identity. Not just visually, the messaging has to match as well. How and where to put your copy is of grave importance. We take into account the position of the signs as well as the locations they will be placed.


Do you want to draw attention in the outside world? Then banners on the facade of your company building are an inexpensive way to let your target audience know about your company, your product or your promotions. Let us advice you on your next campaign!


Do you want to give potential customers something physical to informs them about your products and services? A brochure might be a good option for you. You can include a lot information about your services and products, and explain in detail why your prospects should choose you.


If you feel that your brochures are too large and your business card is too small, then a flyer might be something for you. A flyer can be a powerful tool if you invest in your corporate identity design and the right message.


Posters are a great way to decorate your office, as well as be a powerful tool to promote your companies vision, services, products or promotions. Let us help you create a striking design in line with your corporate identity.

Roll-up banners

A great and easy way to present your company in your office or at events. A roll-up banner draws attention, is easy to transport and cheap to produce. Striking and effective.


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