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Life is fun. Your vitamins should be too. This is the vision of Yummygums, the first gummy vitamin brand in the Netherlands. What they do? They offer tasty all-in-one vitamin gummies as an alternative to swallowing not so yummy pills.

When they reached out to us, all they had was a great name and an ambitious plan. They were looking for a partner that could help develop their ideas into a market fit strategy, product, and online selling platform.

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  • Brand strategy
  • Identity
  • Shop
  • Web design
  • Package design
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A bright colour palette to embrace the fun in gummy vitamins

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No artificial additives

To embrace this important pillar of the product, we took the same approach when creating the logo. It is purely typographic, free of artificial additives, because the strong brand name did not need any unnecessary visual explanation.

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Yummy product, yummy presentation

We developed a light, rebellious and diverse color palette that fits the brand positioning and resonates with the target audience. The result is a brand identity that is fun, unexpected, and stands out, making sure on- and offline communication will not go by unnoticed. In addition to brand identity and marketing materials, we developed the packaging as well.

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Mobile first webshop: Putting the fun in functionality

A big part of our marketing strategy involved the use of social media channels, so we knew from the start that a lot of traffic would be coming from mobile devices.

For webshops in general, going with a mobile first approach is of key importance. From the wireframing phase to the design of the shop, our full focus was on delivering an optimal user experience. The result is a highly converting webshop, optimized for the small screen real-estate of a mobile device.

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