Raising the Bar: A Digital Makeover for Yummygums

The Client

Yummygums invites you to savor every step towards a healthier lifestyle. By making supplements both enjoyable and delicious, they help you build a routine that’s sustainable, keeping you motivated to prioritize self-care. Embracing the power of routine, Yummygums advocates for a healthy lifestyle, infused with taste and joy. Solidifying its position as the leading vitamin gummies brand in the Netherlands.

The Assignment

Faced with an aging website, Yummygums sought a change, especially as they aimed to expand globally. Opting for Shopify as the technical solution, the design needed to seamlessly integrate with the platform. The challenge included elevating the brand to new heights, ensuring a vibrant and pleasant online brand experience. While preserving the existing brand, the goal was to inject a new and refreshing vibe into it. The entire website underwent a redesign to align with these objectives.


A Collaborative Workshop: Blueprinting Yummygums' Online Presence

Beginning with a comprehensive workshop, we delved into defining the website’s structure, translating business concepts, and creating a user-centric experience. Sorting through numerous ideas, we prioritized elements based on user personas. The outcome? A clear sitemap and precise wireframes for key pages, ensuring the project met its goals.


Transformating Yummygums into a Fresh and Colorful Brand

Building upon a unique brand, we refreshed the light pink color and introduced a distinctive logo shape. Each product received its individual color, showcased in a vibrant photoshoot conducted in collaboration with the Yummygums team. This process aimed to solidify Yummygums’ distinct identity across various brand elements.


Streamlining the Online Presence:
A Focus on Structure and Webdesign

Central to the brand design was restructuring the menu, accommodating Yummygums’ expanding product range. Special emphasis was placed on optimizing the product page for mobile use, ensuring a seamless experience for both new and existing users. The result? A clear and future-focused website structure tailored to Yummygums’ growth.

Elevating User Experience: Seamless Mobile Navigation and Effortless Shopping

Mobile optimization took precedence, given the substantial traffic from social platforms like Instagram. The developed website boasts impressive speed and offers a visually stunning showcase of Yummygums products. Notably, the checkout process and shopping cart received meticulous attention to enhance user convenience. Altogether, a project that our team takes pride in, anticipating a bright future with Yummygums.


Beyond the Website: Newsletter Design and Klaviyo Integration

Beyond social traffic, email marketing is a key channel for Yummygums. Collaborating with the email marketing team, we crafted a new email template compatible with Klaviyo. This integration allows the Yummygums team to effortlessly create newsletters that align with the brand, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing brand presence across platforms.

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ymg-emailmarketing ymg-emailmarketing-2@2x

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