Are you a scaling biotech, life science or research & development company?

Then you probably prefer to focus on one thing only: Your innovation. Unfortunately, there’s the other stuff too….

Scroll down to read about the top 10 challenges for innovative companies like yours
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We know that your industry is not like every other industry. It faces unique challenges, such as:

⚠️ 1. Funding and Capital:

Securing adequate funding for research, development, and clinical trials is a constant challenge. Biotech companies often rely on investors, grants, or partnerships.


⚠️ 2. Telling the story of your innovation:

If you want to get investors on board, your story must be clear and compelling. Presenting your innovation in a clear and coherent way can be challenging, particularly when you’re deeply involved in the project and may overlook the need for explanations.


⚠️ 3. Prioritizing your innovation over your company’s image:

You are dedicated to your innovation, and you prefer to use your time and resources here, rather than polishing your company’s image. While a professional image is important for establishing credibility and trust, you see it as secondary to the core value your innovation brings to the market.



Did you know that 90% of potential investors will visit your website before making a decision?



⚠️ 4. Talent Acquisition:

You rely on skilled researchers, scientists, and other professionals. Therefore, attracting top talent is critical for the success of your company. Creating an inspiring employer brand is essential for attracting the talent you need, and your website plays a significant role in their career search.


⚠️ 5. Complexity of Content:

Visualizing scientific concepts can be challenging, as biotech information can be intricate, making it complex to present it in a user-friendly manner. Creating illustrations and animations are not your expertise.


⚠️ 6. Intellectual Property:

Protecting intellectual property and ensuring it isn’t infringed upon is crucial, as innovations and discoveries are valuable assets. It can be challenging to get your story across if part of it is confidential.


⚠️ 7. Sensitive Data and Security Concerns:

You may want to provide segmented, user-specific information on your website, accessible through a secure log-in or download. It’s crucial to ensure the secure storage of sensitive data, preventing unauthorized access and protecting your website from cyber threats.


⚠️ 8. Regulatory Compliance:

Regulatory requirements in the biotech industry are subject to frequent changes. Companies must stay up-to-date with evolving guidelines from agencies like the FDA, EMA, and others. Adherence to strict regulatory guidelines for data privacy and medical content is essential. Accurate and secure data collection, storage, and reporting are critical, particularly for clinical trials and post-market surveillance.


⚠️ 9. Integration with Systems:

Integrating your website with existing databases, CRMs, or other systems can be complex. If this is of importance to your business, you need a digital partner with the required expertise.


⚠️ 10. Content Management:

Managing and regularly updating content can be a time-consuming task, particularly given the dynamic nature of research and development. Having a flexible, fast responding Content Management System (CMS) is crucial to help you keep your website up-to-date and regularly share updates about your innovations!



How can we help you?

3 reasons why Mars is a good fit to help you with the boring stuff

Storytelling experts with Industry Experience
With many clients in biotech, life science and R&D, we possess a deep understanding of the intricacies that set your industry apart. Our expert team has successfully undertaken a multitude of projects, helping numerous clients like you effectively communicate their visions, missions, and cutting-edge innovations to a global audience.
A dedicated team and a personal producer
We are all about enabling you to focus on your priorities and making your life easier. When working with us, you will have your own personal producer and you can expect clear agreements, great communication and proactive thinking. But above all, you will have a fun, ambitious but down-to-earth team that feels like an extension of your own.
Your ambition is our ultimate goal
Whatever challenge you came to us with, be it the upgrade of your brand, website or entire online strategy, it came forth from your business goals. We will always keep these goals in mind, and we don’t stop when your project is delivered. Together we will set KPI’s and continuously measure, learn and optimize.

Let’s discuss your Mission to Mars!


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Mars can help you with a multitude of challenges.

We can help you with the services below and more!

Our strategic web design process is driven by a deep understanding of your industry, target audience, and business objectives. Our Discovery Workshop allows us to determine what you need and create a plan of action.
Wireframes are digital sketches of a website’s layout and structure, without distractions like colors, images, or specific fonts. This allows us focus on the website's information hierarchy, content placement, and overall user flow first.
User Flows
User flows highlight crucial touchpoints where users may interact with your product or service. These touchpoints could be calls-to-action, form submissions, or any other critical actions that are part of the user's journey.
Converting Web Design
We create visually stunning, intuitive websites that not only captivate visitors but also effectively convey your brand's core message. All our websites are designed to lead your visitors to the desired action.
Product illustrations
Product illustrations can visually communicate complex scientific concepts, enhance engagement, understanding, and credibility with stakeholders and customers.
A big challenge for complex topics, is to present data and insights in a visually compelling way. Infographics can simplify the complex information and facilitate better understanding and decision-making.
Lead capturing
Capture valuable leads by offering your brochures, whitepapers and websinars on your website. Through these so-called soft conversions, you funnel prospects to your marketing journey for deeper engagement.
Brochures, events, presentations
Be it a brochure, your event materials, or business presentations. We can help you tell your complex story and engage with your audience.
Search functionality
Let your visitors navigate your complex information and multi-page website effortlessly with a user friendly search functionality.
Do you have an international audience? No problem. We will add a multi-language functionality to your website, so that your visitors can browse your content in their language of choice.
Region-specific information
Specific regions may require tailored information due to cultural, legal, language, or market differences. Providing region-specific content enhances relevance, trust, and engagement with local audiences.
Locked content & user accounts
A life science, biotech or R&D website usually caters to different types of audiences, such as potential investors, potential new team members, physicians or even patients. User accounts ensure appropriate access to specific information.

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