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Developing a great idea into a working platform

Imagine you have a doctor’s appointment, or maybe you even have to visit the hospital. After the appointment you suddenly have a lot of additional questions. Why didn’t you think of them when the doctor was with you?

Sounds familiar? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had prepared your questions beforehand, or if you could go back and ask them? Hikos is a platform where patients can easily get in contact with healthcare professionals, to help them prepare for important appointments, or for additional information about their situation. As with many startups, the concept had not yet been transformed into a working product. They reached out to us to help them on the journey of creating the platform.

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  • Identifying Target Audience
  • Brand Identity
  • Personalized illustrations
  • Webdesign & Development
  • Customized appointment scheduler
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Purple and blue are associated with wisdom, devotion, peace, trust, assurance and tranquility.

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Personal, accessible, relatable

The platform had to reflect that it’s a safe environment to ask very personal questions. This meant it was extra important that the brand identity served as a reassuring factor. We started by listing all the important keywords, and throughout the process of developing the brand identity we tested the response of the target audience on the messaging and visuals.

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Unique illustrations to establish a brand with personality

We specifically chose to create illustrations rather than use generic images of hospitals and doctors. We wanted to avoid a clinical feeling, but instead create something warm and accessible. This also gave us a lot of freedom for creating tailor-made compositions to match the messaging. The custom illustrations also play a significant role in establishing a unique and recognizable brand identity. A good way to spread the word is by placing flyers in doctors waiting rooms. By seamlessly matching the offline marketing materials with the website, we create a delightful user experience from the first moment of contact.

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Designed to help patients find their way

On the platform, patients can schedule a call with a specialist, but sometimes it is difficult for them to determine what specialist they need. Hikos was created to help the patient in this process.

We created an overview of possible medical questions and medical conditions, and the corresponding type of specialist. If the patient still can’t quite figure it out, they can contact Hikos directly for advice. 

The customized appointment scheduler guides the patient to choose a specialism from a list, and then a specialist that falls under the chosen category. In the next step, patients choose a date and time for the specialist to call them. In the last step, they see a summary of their choices, and the price. After they fill in their details, they can confirm the appointment.

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