Nobel recruitment

111% increase in conversions with a new website and improved brand identity

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Nobel recruitment

Fast growing Saas companies are always on the lookout for sales professionals. Nobel Recruitment specializes in bringing them together. Their services include finding and placing individuals or entire teams, as well as fulfilling an advisory role.

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  • Brand strategy
  • Identity
  • Shop
  • Web design
  • Package design
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A new colour palette

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A clear and easy path to increase conversions.

Nobel Recruitment uses their website as a tool to create a database with sales professionals who are latently looking for a job. The main reason they reached out to us is because their website lacked clarity. Users could not easily find their way, and the filters on the jobs section did not work properly and were too comprehensive. We did a full redesign of the website and customer journey. The result was a simple, clear and comprehensible path, increasing conversions. To establish a solid connection with the target audience, we implemented a job alert feature.

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A perfect fit with leading companies in the industry.

When your target audience consists of professionals in the Saas industry, it is safe to assume they are used to a certain standard. We took on the challenge and created a brand identity that can compete with the leading companies in the industry.

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By collaboration we were able to celebrate these great results


Increase in leads


Increased conversion rate


Increase in conversions through Google Ads

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