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Increasing engagement by a new Just Eat Takeaway blog fitted to their growth goals - mars


Increasing engagement by a new Just Eat Takeaway blog fitted to their growth goals

The Client

Just Eat is a leading online food delivery marketplace, connecting consumers and restaurants through its platform in 24 countries. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company was created in January 2020 by bringing together two of the world’s most successful food delivery firms: (founded in 2000 in the Netherlands) and Just Eat (founded in 2001 in Denmark). Today, Just Eat is the leading global online food delivery marketplace outside China.

The Assignment

Takeaway asked us, in preparation for their role as main sponsor of 2020 FIFA World Cup, to create their new blog website. The old blog did not get a lot of traffic, and there was hardly any engagement. The assignment was to create an enciting, fresh blog website, accompanied by a unique brand identity that still matched the brand identity of the company and platform.


International website offering region-specific content

Takeaway operates in 24 countries. This meant the blog had to cater to a very diverse audience. We implemented a user-friendly way for the user to set up their preferences. After saving, the user will get to see region-specific content, in their preferred language.


A funnel strategy from the articles directly to ordering food on the platform

Reading about Ramen? Getting hungry? You’re one click away to order from a restaurant nearby! We generate traffic to the Takeaway platform, pre-filtered to your subject and area, implementing content- ánd region-specific CTA banners into the articles.


Extensive search functionality with auto-suggest

To help the user find relevant content, we implemented a search functionality with auto-suggest. Results pop up while you type, enabling maximum discovery potential. Your search query is highlighted in the article titles, for easy scanning of the content.

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Using the power of the blog format to promote Takeaway’s approach on sustainability


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