Scenic Biotech

Website & storytelling for pioneers in the discovery of genetic modifiers

The Client

Scenic Biotech is specialized in evolution inspired medicine for rare diseases. Their work revolves around identifying genetic modifiers for drug intervention. Also known as disease suppressors, genetic modifiers are genes that act to suppress or completely block the effect of a disease-causing mutated gene.


Since they were founded in 2017 as a spin-out of the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Oxford University, Scenic has built a strong intellectual property portfolio covering its Cell-Seq platform technology, its therapeutic targets and its chemistry.

The Goal

In addition to their research, their primary business focus is on attracting investors and talent. Despite being an innovative company, their website was outdated—it wasn’t mobile-friendly, used grayscale images, and lacked visual appeal.


The design of a website directly influences the user experience. Studies show that 95% of potential investors visit the company website prior to making contact.  Therefore a combination of strong branding, professional design, and on-point storytelling is crucial. It establishes trust in your company.


Scenic Biotech trusted us to elevate their digital presence, and we’re proud of the result – an engaging website and brand experience that will support their ambitious goals for years to come!


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