+223% leads after development and execution of a data-driven strategy for Expereo


Google position on relevant keywords


Increase in traffic


Increase in MQL generation
The Client

Expereo is a global provider of managed Internet and hybrid networks, SD-WAN, and Cloud connectivity solutions. With unmatched global reach, Expereo powers enterprise and government sites in over 190 countries.


Their main goals were to professionalize the brand and generate more MQLs through the website. What they had looked outdated, over-complicated and there was no real strategy in place to generate conversions. We wanted the look and feel to be of an international quality so that they could compete with – and surpass – their competitors.

The Results

Once the website is delivered, we are not done. For most of our clients this is where it starts. With a tailored Digital Marketing and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) plan, we were able to achieve the number 1 position on relevant keywords in EU and US, gaining +90% more traffic to the website and generating +223% Marketing Qualified Leads (measured period: August 2020 – August 2021). For Expereo, the average ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) on a client is >€1.000.000.

The process

What do we want to achieve? And how do we measure success? We always start with a kick-off to learn about the company goals, to develop a tailored strategy.


Then we do research. Who is your target audience? What does the competitor landscape look like?  In case we are replacing an existing website, we do a thorough audit first. We want to learn what we should improve, but also, what we might want to preserve. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned Google ranking!


Now that we have gathered information to make data-driven decisions, we create a sitemap and wireframes. We work on the main messaging and map out the conversion paths of the pages before we start designing. We focus on UX and SEO, to make sure we deliver a new website that actually brings in leads.


The evolution into a fresh, innovative, and international brand

Part of the strategy to put Expereo on the map, was a complete brand refresh. We updated the logo, refreshed the colors, and we introduced recognizable brand elements. The result the evolution into a fresh, innovative, and international brand.

4_exp_branding_cards@4x 5_exp_branding_cards_compiled@4x
4_exp_branding_cards@4x 5_exp_branding_cards_compiled@4x

Optimized UX combined with a tailor-made digital marketing strategy focussing on micro-conversions and CRO were a game changer for lead generation

We developed a tailor-made SEO strategy to generate more traffic. Based on client input, data from various sources, competition analysis and our own insights, a list of important SEO keywords is formed. Based on these keywords, landing pages are created. Once visitors land on these pages, we continuously analyzed their actions and based on the collected data, we improved the pages to optimize conversions. By offering free relevant content in exchange for contact details, we created a list of prospects to retarget.


Expereo website visitors can be divided into different personas, who all follow their own path of micro-conversions before they turn into a lead. On the homepage for example, we address the prospect company’s decision makers. These visitors are usually in management positions, and are mostly triggered by benefits and success stories. The product pages on the other hand are focussed on the implementers, and provide the more in-depth technical details of the products.

6_exp_blog@4x 7_exp_hubspot_form@4x 8_exp_gartner_insight@4x
6_exp_blog@4x 7_exp_hubspot_form@4x 8_exp_gartner_insight@4x

UX and UI of the client platform

After completion of the Brand Identity and Webdesign Project, we were asked to do the UX and UI of the client platform. On the platform you can manage your services, monitor sites & performance, follow maintenance and open support tickets.

9_exp_platform_desktop@4x 10_exp_platform_mobile@4x
9_exp_platform_desktop@4x 10_exp_platform_mobile@4x

“We have a 5+ years ongoing partnership with Marsmedia to help us grow online. From developing and designing two times our website and our Brand ID to online marketing. Always with professionalism, consistency, creativity and a smile, Marsmedia proved to be a great partner for us.”


Expereo – Eva Smyrnaiou

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