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Main goal: Expanding the client portfolio

Expereo provides connectivity solutions on a global scale. They service some of the worlds largest multinationals, and their main goal was to expand the client portfolio. A great first impression was important to connect with their target audience. We wanted the look and feel to be of an international quality, so that they could compete with and surpass their competitors. The result was the evolution of their company into a fresher, innovative and international looking brand.

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  • Brand strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Messaging framework
  • Client dashboard
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The evolution into a fresher, innovative and international looking brand

When landing on the Expereo website, we wanted it to match the level on which they operated. The website they had looked outdated, over complicated and there was no real strategy in place to drive conversions.

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Updating the brand started with refreshing the basics

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Objective for new website: Optimize UX & drive conversions

To achieve this, we had to tick a couple of boxes. Above all, the website had to look impressive, top of their field. At the same time it had to be informative, and very easy to navigate. We wanted to take the visitor on a journey through the many expertises. For this, a clear overview of their services and events was necessary, and the display of client cases essential.

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A custom icon set was created to support the brand identity in explaining products, services, benefits and more

Lead generation by mapping out on personas and focussing on micro conversions

Expereo website visitors can be divided into different personas, who all follow their own path of micro-conversions until they ultimately turn into a lead. Each of these persona’s requires a different approach.

On the homepage for example, we address the prospect company’s decision makers. These visitors are usually in management positions, and are mostly triggered by benefits and success stories The product pages on the other hand are focussed on the implementers, and provide the more in-depth technical details of the products. These details are very complex, so we developed comprehensible infographics to illustrate how they work.

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Translating complex illustrations into comprehensible infographics

Expereo explains a lot of their complex services by using infographics. The infographics themselves were a bit difficult to comprehend, so we helped them to translate them into comprehensible stories.

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The combination of the website with a tailor-made online marketing strategy are the most important lead generation tools

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Developing the client dashboard

Together we developed a dashboard where their clients can easily manage their services, orders, and maintenance, as well as monitor the node status of all their sites.

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Gaining insights into ROI, visitor behavior and website performance

After the successful delivery of the initial assignment, we developed a plan to improve the website and marketing efforts on a continuous basis. This evolved into a successful and long-lasting cooperation with their in-house marketing team. On a weekly basis we set new goals, and evaluate our strategy.


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