Experiencing Sunshower in a digital environment

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The Client

Sunshower makes the positive effects of sunlight part of your daily shower ritual, thanks to a balanced combination of heating infrared light and low-dose UV light. The company was established in 2003, and since then has grown into a 45-strong team, on a mission to expand in Europe and conquer the world.

The Challenge

The Sunshower models had undergone quite some developments over the years, the website however, had not. The main purpose of the website is for visitors to be able to experience Sunshower in a digital environment. The website did not deliver the right message. It was very dark and did not match the light and warm feeling of Sunshower. It was  hard to navigate becasue there was no clear UX path. From a technical perspective it was buggy, slow, and not built responsive for mobile users. This did not match with the modern and high-end products they were trying to display.

The Result

By creating a warm and inviting online brand identity, we were able to truly tell the right story and succesfully display the products in a digital environment. We focussed on messaging, the UX paths, and informing without overwhelming. The result is a user friendly and delightful visual experience.

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Telling the Sunshower story through imagery and messaging

We believe a website can be more than just a digital brochure. Sure, we want to showcase all the benefits, but more so we want to tell a story and deliver an experience. We did this throug imagery and messaging. When adressing the user, we focussed on inviting sentences with verbs in imperatives mood, like ‘Experience’, ‘Feel’ and ‘Discover’.

When you showcase your product or company online, you need to establish trust with your target audience. Social proof was provided in the form of customer testimonials and sharing their high customer satisfaction rating from an independant review platform.

All products were provided with an informative detailpage, diving into all the technical specs of the product. Sunshower sells B2B, but now the end-user can do their research online, prior to visiting a dealer.

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Diving into the value propositions of infrared light and UV-light

You might wonder, what are the different benefits of Infrared light and UV-light? The new website was all about delivering an enticing visual experience, so we designed an engaging section to switch between the main value proposition of both light types, and linking to a more elaborate page diving into all the benefit.

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Find out what model Sunshower fits your needs by using the online tool

We designed an easy to use online tool to help the customer vind the Sunshower model that best fitted their situation. From the result the user can navigate to the product detail page or browse the entire collection.

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A dealer portal enabling the self-managing of orders, service requests and more

The importance of a good user experience does not only apply to the commercial side of the website. We designed an easy to use dealer portal, enabling the self-managing of product orders, promotional materials, manuals, instructional videos, service requests and more. Every dealer can assign an administrator who manages the accounts of their own sales people.

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