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As a web designer in Amsterdam you have to be inventive & innovative and be able to continuously develop new concepts, given the competition on the market. A little bit of inspiration can therefore work wonders for web designers. It doesn’t matter how creative you are: it’s always useful to discover how other designers solve certain problems and look for new ways to approach their work, and the world.

Learn as a web designer Amsterdam by Margaret Gould Stewart


Facebook’s ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons are displayed no less than 22 billion times a day and are among the most viewed visual elements ever designed. Margaret Gould Stewart, Director of Product Design at Facebook, outlines three rules that apply to design on such a scale – one so large that even a small change can cause a worldwide upheaval, but also so large that a subtle improvement can affect the lives of many people.

Margaret Gould Stewart has spent her entire career wondering how to develop a user experience that fundamentally changes the world. A powerful question that has led to her now being responsible for the user experience on six of the ten most visited websites in the world, including Facebook, where she works as Director of Product Design.

Webdesigner Amsterdam, listen to the great Philippe Starck

Designer Philippe Starck tries for 18 minutes – without the help of a nice slideshow – to find an answer to the question “Why design?”. Listen carefully to a perfect mantra that suits us all, whether you are a genius or not.

Philippe Starck is a legend when it comes to modern design. He is known the world over for his luxurious hotels and coffin designs, especially the Peninsula Hotel-Restaurant in Hong Kong, the Teatron in Mexico, Hotel Delano in Miami, the Mondrian in Los Angeles and the Asia de Cuba restaurant in New York – and designs total environments from the ground plan to the furniture and upholstery.

What a web designer Amsterdam might notice in Philippe’s talk: “the cynical design, […] design has to be the only marketing weapon. There is such a thing as narcissistic design: fantastic designers who make designs that are only aimed at other fantastic designers. […] Like me, there are people who try to be worth their existence. I’m not just trying to make an object that has a use, but that can contribute something to man himself, the person who will use it”.

What a web designer Amsterdam can learn from Paula Scher

Paula Scher looks back on her life as a designer (she designed album covers, books, the Citibank logo, …) and goes back to the moment when she really started having fun. Look at great designs and images from her legendary career.

Nowadays, the label of ‘rock star’ is recklessly stuck on anyone who qualifies. But in the case of Paula Scher it is only fitting. As rock star designer she was responsible for the album covers of the band Boston to the posters of Elvis Costello, to pause somewhere in between to put the ubiquitous visual authoritarianism of Helvetica at the junkyard. She also designed some of the most iconic illustrations such as the Citibank logo. She is a partner at the renowned design agency Pentagram and received an AIGA Award in 2001.

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