Webdesign WordPress – Why Marsmedia uses WordPress (And You Should Do It)

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When it comes to designing & developing a website there are many different platforms you can use. However, at Marsmedia we always use Webdesign WordPress. This is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that was launched in 2003 and is almost always the best choice to use as the foundation of a new website. And that for a number of different reasons.

Most customers are not interested in the complex & technical details – they just want their site to look good and be easy to use. That’s why we decided to integrate Webdesign WordPress into every project, so that all the sites developed by Marsmedia combine good looks and user-friendliness. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to understand why we do what we do. So stick around while I explain why Webdesign WordPress is so great and we choose this CMS over and over again.

Webdesign WordPress is Immensely Popular

“Because something is cool” is not always the right reason to choose that one. In the modern world of open-source software the following rule applies: the more users, the better the platform is supported and the more secure & stable the software is. Webdesign WordPress is by far the leader in the market of CMS systems. From well-known sites such as The Rolling Stones, TED, the American news service CNN to the Dutch airline Martinair: WordPress is used by tens of millions of websites worldwide. The most recent statistics show that since March 2016, Webdesign WordPress has accounted for no less than 26.4% of all sites on the internet, and that percentage continues to grow. It is by far the most widely used CMS with a market share of 59.4%. It is also interesting to know that more than 500 WordPress sites are added every day. The CMS in second place of the list is Joomla, with a market share of barely 2.7%.

Webdesign WordPress is Very Flexible

Not only can you expand the functionality of WordPress thanks to plugins – you can also significantly modify the framework itself. This enables us, developers and web designers, to create sites that fully meet the vision of our customers, without having to make compromises. In addition, the large number of users also means that if we were to encounter a challenging problem, we probably wouldn’t have to worry about it, as the chances of someone else already having come up with a solution are quite high.

Webdesign WordPress is Easy to Use

When Webdesign WordPress was launched, it was not yet the powerhouse it is today. On the contrary, it was just a simple, user-friendly blog platform. Although it has grown a lot since then, WordPress has stuck to that approach. That’s why the documentation and user interface was built from the ground up by novice users. This means that we can get all our customers to use their site with a little bit of training and they can use it without any frustration.

Tailor-made Webdesign WordPress

At Marsmedia we use Webdesign WordPress and their CMS, but not the pre-designed themes. Our team designs fully customized websites; everything you see is designed without the limitations of a theme. So as a customer you can expect a unique website, with your own branding, style and look.

So if you are looking for a Webdesign WordPress website in Amsterdam, you can contact Marsmedia with the knowledge that we use technologies that not only result in a functional and visually attractive site, but also one that can grow with your company and that you can easily use. Does that sound good?
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