About us

Loving business and design

At Marsmedia, we take pride in helping you carve an identity for your business or organisation and assisting in its growth. We’re a team of creative professionals, based in Amsterdam. Using design, passion, and technical know-how, we can deliver a high-quality, unique, clear, and consistent brand that will drive your company forward. Your success is our goal.

Our Goal

Help companies grow through design / technology / usability that drives action, generates results, and makes for change.

We offer very competitive packages, without holding back. We focus not only on the quality of the product, but the quality of our service, and our price is part of that service. We want to help you.

Michel Kobus
Partner & Creative director

Living my life in the city of creativity: Amsterdam. I breath design and love doing it every day. When there is time left I’m working on start-ups and helping others with them. I’m specialized in creating top-of-the-line designs, from basic logos to complete Brand Identities. I’ll come up with designs that suit companies best and help them to accomplish their goals. I care for your succes.

Sven Kaptein
Partner & CTO

I’m Sven, living in a small village close to Amsterdam, happily married with the most awesome woman in the world and proud father of a daughter and foster-daughter. I’ve always had a love affair with computers and Internet and made it my job to run websites silky smooth. For Marsmedia I manage the development projects. When I do have the spare time What I also love is to develop new features myself as well.

Kiki the Pug
Office dog

My two biggest passions are food and snuggling. It makes me super happy to be constantly around the ones I love, even more if they feed me. Overall they say I’m pretty lazy, but I just like to do things my way- Stubborn you say? No smart! What I dislike? Walks through cold and rain- yaiks. Being at Marsmedia and keeping up the good vibe is amazing especially cause I get a lot of love in return. I’m living the dream.

Nelson Eggermont
Designer & Marketeer

After my working at Quince, I spent some time as in-house designer and advisor at several small and big companies. Then one day Michel asked me to join him and the team at Marsmedia. The daily lunch is awesome so haven’t looked back ever since ;) Specialties are design and marketing.

Luuk van Hoogstraaten
Producer & Marketeer

Amsterdam and my boyfriend are the two loves of my life. Spending my time in the gym, wandering through town and working in the exciting online world. At Marsmedia I’m responsible for our website and constant growth of Marsmedia. Through working along and starting up own brands, I’ve gained a lot of interest and knowledge in company development and growth hacking.

Marsmedia Zagreb

We’re working closely together with our team in the Croatia: a team of designers and developers in order to make every project look great and work smoothly. Through years off close teamwork, creative expression and hard labor we’ve been able to create beautiful products and leaving outstanding experiences.

Brenda Kaptein

Working for Marsmedia has come my way and I haven’t had any regrets. There is lots of room for development on both personal- and business level. I love to work in this team full of ambitious professionals. I’m responsible for administration and project management and because of my team and its flexibility, I get the structure and peace of mind to take care of my daughter and foster daughter.

Open vacancy
Web developer

Wanna work in a fast growing and dynamic team and are you experienced as a web developer? Please send a job application to luuk@marsmedia.nl. We’re happy to welcome you at our office at B.Amsterdam, a creative collective building in Amsterdam, focusing on innovative companies.

We’re ready to work

We would love to hear from you. Contact Michel to say hello or tell us about your next big idea.

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