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The Client

Chiron is an innovative organization that guides organizations in the field of information security, privacy and IT law. They see information security and privacy as the basis of every company. Their goal is to create awareness for the importance of cyber security in an educational, fun and accessible way.

The assignment

Starting off with a strategy session, we’ve learned about the mission and vision of Chiron. Together we defined their Brand personality and determined their new identity should reflect approachability, creating awareness, education and coaching. Most importantly: cyber security should be fun!

We’ve created a full brand identity, including logo, brand elements and imagery that really match Chiron’s personality.

Chiron-case-brand@2x Chiron-case-designsystem@2x
Chiron-case-brand-mobile@2x Chiron-case-designsystem-mobile@2x
Chiron-case-logo@2x Chiron-case-logo-construction@2x Chiron-case-logo-construction-2@2x Chiron-case-logo-app-symbol@2x Chiron-case-logo-color@2x Chiron-case-logo-paper@2x Chiron-case-imagery@2x Chiron-case-brandvoice@2x Chiron-case-logo-signage@2x Chiron-case-pattern@2x
Chiron-case-logo-mobile@2x Chiron-case-logo-construction-mobile@2x Chiron-case-logo-app-symbol-mobile@2x Chiron-case-logo-paper@2x Chiron-case-imagery-mobile@2x Chiron-case-pattern-mobile@2x

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