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In search of web design inspiration? We have a list of web design inspiration for the year 2020 for everyone who is working on creating a new website. 21 websites of which we do not only like on the basis of design but also on the basis of technology. Websites like websites are meant with the right timing, colours, margins, font and on top of that a great user experience.

  1. Plink
  2. DocSend
  3. Pipedrive
  4. Virta
  5. Cowboy
  6. Zendesk
  7. Vinebox
  8. Pesca
  9. The Sill
  10. Miro
  11. Square
  12. Smart. pr
  13. Boom Brush
  14. Muto
  15. Unrecorded
  16. MG engine
  17. Plaid
  18. Adyen
  19. Oscar
  20. Framer
  21. Slack

Plink (By Mollie)

Plink allows its users to easily create payment links. In addition, you can enrich the experience of paying via a payment link by sending payers afterwards to a landing page or adding your own logo.

Why Plink?

  • Very nice use of animations, one of the best we’ve seen so far.
  • Modern features that work well, nothing is left to chance.
  • Strict design

Go to the Plink website


Why Docsend?

  • Your own style, original use of colours
  • Good contrast
  • Product explanation in gifs

Go to the Docsend website


Pipedrive is a platform with which you can optimize your sales funnel. Pipedrive supports you at those moments when you need to focus all your attention on the right deals.

Why Pipedrive?

  • Site has a professional look
  • Clear animations that explain the purpose of the site well
  • Designed so that you keep on selling

Go to the Pipedrive website


Virta is a digital platform for charging electric vehicles. At Virta you are at the right address if you want a charging point at your doorstep or for your company. Their intelligent software is also capable of managing an electric vehicle fleet in an easy way.

Why Virta?

  • Single style that can be recognized everywhere
  • Focus on getting in touch with the visitor of the site

Go to Virta’s website


Attention from Moof here comes Cowboy! With the e-bike from Cowboy you can ride up to 70 km completely electric. In addition, the bike is completely streamlined and they have thought of all aspects of design. Not only is the bike beautiful, also the website is a true source of webdesign inspiration.

Why Cowboy?

  • Overall look-and-feel: A modern look with premium feel
  • Focus on the benefits of the product
  • Catchy colours

Go to the Cowboy website


Zendesk positions itself as customer engagement software. In other words, Zendesk is the ideal online tool for sales, support and all other matters related to your customers. Ideal for webshops and companies with a lot of customer contact.

Why Zendesk?

  • Clear CTAs with the aim of collecting data from potential customers
  • Playful use of colour that does create peace of mind

Go to the website of Zendesk


A great concept for the wine lover. With Vinebox you get the best wines delivered to your home in the form of a small tube. It gives you the opportunity to taste wines and determine what you like. Once you have found your taste, you can order a box of wine. Also very nice to discover new wines.

Why Vinebox?

  • Colourless style to focus on the products
  • Focus on benefits to explain to visitors why they should go for Vinebox
  • Clear steps how the product works

Go to the Vinebox website


Why Pesca?

  • Big header video showing everything you need to know about the restaurant.
  • Focus on the CTA because booking is the most important thing.

Go to the Pesca website

The Sill

In search of beautiful houseplants that stay green? Then The Sill is the answer. Not yet in the Netherlands but successful in the US. Besides buying houseplants you can also follow workshops in taking care of your plants in order to extend their lifespan.

Why The Sill?

  • Great use of large fresh images so that the focus is on the products
  • Big titles to create hierarchy within the site

Go to The Sill website


Miro is the online platform to collaborate in. What makes Miro different is that it easily converts photos of Sticky notes into usable digital notes that you can share and modify.

Why Miro?

  • Animated illustrations explaining how the product works
  • Clear and orderly design – clear call to actions
  • All features are well highlighted, both textually and in bee
  • Creative elements

Go to the Miro website


Square was founded by the CEO and co-founder of Twitter. Square makes it easy for large and small companies to make payments. In addition to the software, Square also offers the hardware.

Why Square?

  • Animation with explanation where you can click on, clear what features there are and how it should be used.
  • Illustrations with simplified display takes the visitor into possibilities of the product
  • Good use of illustration in combination with real photos

Go to the Square website is a platform that allows companies to easily reach journalists. combines an extensive database of journalists with a smart dispatch system that makes PR easier.


  • Clean and orderly design
  • Unique own images create your own identity
  • Focus well on the benefits (in text and with videos)

Go to the website of

Boom Brush

Brushing teeth 2.0. With this sonic toothbrush from Boom Brush, brushing is a joy. As well as looking very stylish, the toothbrush also delivers exceptional performance. It has a battery life of up to 90 days, a timer function and 5 different settings.

Why Tree Brush?

  • Design is clear
  • Clear action colour chosen that is different from the colour of the site, so that you as a visitor are immediately taken to the important parts, such as CTA.
  • Order process is simple, choices are easy to make. Good use of reviews to give visitors confidence.

Go to the Boom Brush website


Muto’s mission is simple. They want to enrich people’s lives. With the multifunctional e-bike they have developed you can go in all directions. In a simple way, the luggage carrier can be mounted at the front and rear. In addition, the Muto E-bike also looks great.

Why Muto?

    • 3D images explaining how it works.
    • Action colour that stands out very much
    • Clear and clean design, good use of whitespace so that you look at what is drawn to what is important.
    • Text is nice and big, easy to read.

Simple design doesn’t have to be dull.

Go to the Muto website


At Unrecorded you can buy clothes and accessories. Not new in itself, but Unrecorded has given its website a user-friendly look. The experience is pleasant with clear pictures of the products and a very fast website. In addition, they are different and give insight into the costs of what you buy. This makes Unrecorded unique.

Why Unrecorded?

  • Focus on large images – photography is very well done. You get a clear feeling for the product because they also photographed details in a very nice way.
  • Minimalistic design. Using whitespace ensures that your attention is focused on the important parts of the site. What is not important is omitted.

Go to the Unrecorded website


MG is a British automaker boral known for its open two-seater sports cars. Nowadays MG also produces electric cars and they have built a nice website around it including a configurator with which you can compose your own car.

Why MG motors?

  • Focus on mobile very well done, everything simple and clear. Easy to use.
  • Use large letters, easy to read.
  • Big images

Go to the MG website


Why Plaid?

  • Navigation is a clear, straightforward way to find what you are looking for: Products and Use Cases directly findable. Beautifully combined with icons.
  • Illustrations have their own identity. Nice and fresh use of colours.
  • Small pieces of text make it easy to read and very clear.
  • Animation in the illustrations reinforces the goal – you immediately understand what they mean, without having to read the text.

The illustrations are easy to find.

Go to the Plaid website


Why Adyen?

  • Unique fresh photography interspersed with simple illustrations of the product.
  • Illustrations with a simplified representation of the features, make it clear what is at stake.
  • Benefits are made very clear – text is short and easy to read.
  • Clear action colour and always a matching call-to-action.

Go to the Adyen website

Hi Oscar

Oscar (or Hi Oscar) is a health insurer that does things differently. Instead of focusing on costs, they focus on the patient. This is reflected in the design of the website.

Why Oscar?

  • Vaak is healthcare boring and businesslike, but by using unique style of illustrations they make it accessible and refreshing.
  • The use of large letters makes it easy to read + titles and text is very distinct, making it easy to scan the text.
  • The choice of simple blocks with little text makes it easy to make a choice.

The choice of simple blocks with little text makes it easy to make a choice.

Go to Hi Oscar’s website


Framer is a 100% interactive programme that helps designer, engineers, project managers and teams to collaborate better when it comes to design and prototyping. In a simple way, Framer ensures that static designs come to life.

Why Framer?

  • Clean. Big images. Bold text.
  • Really your own identity
  • Movie gives a feel to the tool and shows you what you can do with Framer.
  • All benefits are almost told in a Story, taking you with you.
  • Always a clear CTA with each item.

Go to the Framer website


With Slack you can work better together as a team. This online tool brings all communication and various tools together under one roof. Slack has proven that it makes a team more productive. Working together has never been so easy and ideal when you have to work remotely.

Why Slack?

  • Using illustrations to make product features clear.
  • Clear CTAs
  • Focus on the benefits of the product – why you should use it.
  • Animation in the illustrations makes it much clearer how it can be used.

Go to the Slack website

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