Simplifying processes, decreasing task completion time

The Client

The more you know about companies, the better. Simple. That is why does everything it can to bring together all relevant data about companies for you, to structure it and to make it applicable based on smart technology.

The portal transforms data into comprehensive, clear and reliable information, with deep insights about companies and their directors. The smart, pre-set processes and extensive searching capabilities will make sure you have all the information at your disposal. This is how helps your business to become smarter, more data-driven and innovative.

The Assignment asked us to help them to rethink and simplify their portal processes, to deliver a better UX and to decrease task completion time for their users.


Re-designing the search functionality, and introducing smart pre-set actions

Users come to with a certain goal. For instance, they need to do a compliance check before going in business with a new client. This process required a lot of manual actions.

We introduced smart pre-sets for the most followed processes. Now, instead of doing many individual actions, you can let the platform do it for you at the click of a button – significantly decreasing task completion time.


From wireframes to UX & UI design, we delivered the complete portal overhaul to's in-house development team


Restructuring the FAQ and Help section

Need help? The FAQ is conveniently categorized in topics, and the search results can be filtered on these topics as well.


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